History & Description of Chocolate - The Condensed Version

As you can see, chocolate has gone through quite a transformation and has reached a level where it is finally available to people of all ages and social classes. And yet, very fine chocolates continue to be a sophisticated adult indulgence. Now scientists are proving what the Mayans and Aztecs knew all along, that chocolate is actually quite good for us. For starters, the chemical Phenylethylamine which is found in chocolate is associated with feelings of happiness and bliss. There are definite connections between chocolate and mood. Chocolate draws 50% of its calories from sugar and 50% from fat - a combination found in no other food. “That unique mixture of fat and sugar is pure heaven to our brains. Chemically speaking chocolate really is the world’s perfect food.” says nutrition researcher Michael Levine. It seems you only have to pick up the health section of any major newspaper these days to learn of the many gifts that chocolate continues to bring. Chocolate is Mother Nature’s best-kept secret. We still haven’t unlocked all of its mysteries, and reproducing it is out of the question.

So go ahead, indulge your passion for chocolate and order some chocolate truffles, hand-made caramels, or chocolate turtles today. These wonderful confections are perfect holiday gifts, wedding favors, unique corporate gifts, wedding shower favors, chocolate gift baskets, or almost any other occasion you can think of!

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