At Sweet Gem Confections in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we create premium hand-crafted chocolates and confections starting with the most important ingredient: CHOCOLATE. The very best cacao comes from chocolatiers who are deeply connected with the growing, harvesting, fermenting, drying and roasting processes. These dedicated chocolatiers transform the cacao beans into the base chocolate used in our exclusive recipes.

Our chocolate truffles are created and inspired by local, natural flavors of the four seasons of Michigan, as well as by your suggestions and feedback. Our expertise lies in enhancing the already amazing flavors of expertly created chocolate with infusions made from local, organic, farm-fresh cream and butter...fresh local fruits and herbs... exotic teas and spices... and choice spirits from around the world. Our chocolates are 100% preservative free, so we ask that you think of them as you would fresh produce. They will be best enjoyed at room temperature within days of receipt.

Thank you for choosing Sweet Gem Confections. We take great pleasure in bringing you joy through chocolate!